Group Dog and Puppy Training Classes

How smart of you to seek training for your puppy or adult dog – it is so much easier to start off on the right paw, so to speak. I am a marker/clicker trainer: instead of using correction that focuses on what you don’t want, I focus on what you do want, mark it and reward it. (Please see my demos on my web page:  A clicker is a wonderful way to establish that wonderful bond we long for. It is made even stronger when you begin right away and don’t wait for behavior issues to become entrenched problems. For the issues that concern you I suggest in home training, because that is where s/he is mostly going to be and where you’ll be working with him. Also, many dogs find a class situation highly distracting, especially if the class is being held in the midst of all the yummy smells and distractions of a pet food store – it’s a bit like holding an AA meeting in a bar! Distracted dogs and distracted owners have a hard time concentrating and learning and find it takes along time to make progress.

I’d be happy to come to your house and help you get a good start with your dog. I’ll get you guys up to speed and started on a training plan right away.

What is clicker training?
A 100% positive, fun, and effective way to teach your dog new skills. Clicker training is based on the science of Operant Conditioning, and has been used for decades by trainers working with all kinds of animals, including whales, dolphins, bears, and tigers. Click here to learn more about clicker training.



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