Positive Training Resources

Shira is committed to using the most current, humane, and effective training methods.
She recommends the following positive training resources:

About Puppies
Development Stages & Socialization

About Clicker Training
Karen Pryor Library
Dr. Sophia Yin Library

Familiarize yourself with the concept of Clicker Training.
This 3 part video introduction to clicking is very good:

Part 1: Using Rewards
Part 2: Timing
Part 3: Criteria

Training Articles
4 Paws University Library
Karen Pryor Library
Dr. Sophia Yin Library

Training Videos
Loose Leash Walking
Puppy Cliker Training: Go To Your Mat
How To Train A Dog to Relax
Train Your Dog How To Greet A Person

Downloadable Resources (PDF)
Good Treats for Dogs
Household Dog Hazards
Pet Food Report
Dog Nail Trimming Guide
How to Greet A Dog
Relationship Based Training/a>
The Puppy’s Rules of 12