Joyful Hound’s services address common dog behavior issues:

• Jumping up on people
• Not coming when called
• Pulling on leash
• Chewing and biting
• Excessive barking
• Growling and lunging at other dogs
• Housetraining accidents
• General lack of good manners

Joyful Hound offers private dog training and group classes to clients in
Fort Langley, Walnut Grove, Langley Township, Langley City, and North East Surrey.
Joyful Hound’s full range of professional services can provide an effective, customized solution for you and your dog.

Trainer Shira Moir-Smith demonstrates clicker training with her dog Mia, on her blog.

“From basic training to movie tricks to dealing with very challenging dogs, I’ve seen Joyful Hound
succeed where others have failed, all the while enriching the lives of dogs and their owners with
positive training.”

Ann Gunderson, Owner and Head Trainer
Qs4K9s Dog Sport Training, Lower Mainland, B.C. Canada

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